ProMedica Innovations 2014 Conference



This year’s inaugural event identifies the particular challenges and opportunities of medical technology in our region. We're excited to bring this type of event to Toledo.


With the expertise of dozens of regional and national speakers and exhibitors, we will address topics essential to fostering a culture of medical innovation locally. The program covers a wide range of issues important to individuals and companies interested in medical devices and in health information technologies to improve the care of patients.


A "Challenges" panel early in the day will highlight the risks and difficulties in this market in terms of financing, engineering resources and regulatory concerns.


"Anatomy" of a Medical Device “startup” will outline the process and path that a local company has been through with their real world experiences.


A "Rapid Fire" session will showcase futuristic technologies that are truly amazing and will offer insight into future applications.


An "Opportunities" panel will be convened late in the day to highlight local state and national resources of particular interest and unique to our region.


The day will include a spirited discussion over lunch and will conclude with a reception, allowing ample time for questions and networking.


ProMedica has been a strong proponent of job creation and growth in our region. The establishment of ProMedica Innovations in 2012 has allowed for a platform to propel forward medical technology, innovation and commercialization locally.


We invite you to participate in this inaugural event and to network with colleagues to explore ways towards improving medical technology acceleration in our community.


We look forward to seeing you on May 1, 2014 for what promises to be an exciting and fun event.